Deborah Nyembo is an anointed international worship leader and song writer, who believes that true worship comes from the heart inspired by the holy spirit. She has written over 160 songs 25 of which have so far been recorded. she believes that her music Heals, Encourages and inspires others to trust more than themselves. She has triumphantly carried the torch for contemporary gospel and inspirational music via 3 glorious albums. Her latest album “Mighty Man in Battle” is a manifestation of her belief and a blessing to the world. Stunningly beautiful, and filled with the Holy spirit and blessed with one of the most powerful voices in any genre of music.

According to Deborah; “I love to lead God’s people in praise and worship, because to me, it is one of the biggest opportunities I have received from God like others. I do other genres of music, but I love to worship and Praise Jesus all the time. It’s a blessing to be in a position where I am and where God can trust me to lead his people in songs of Praise and Worship to him. We all have to desire worship, why? because, you can not worship without praise but you can praise without worship. God desires worshipers He seeks for worshipers, He is not looking for people who just entertain people, but rather He is looking for people who will only entertain Him so that he will be able to come in to place and begin to minister to His people. My duty is to usher God into worship. When we lift him up he is able to lift us up. Thats why i don’t take this for granted. This is the greatest opportunity God has given to me.”

Ultimately, Deborah’s prayer is that she would be used as a vessel of change, that her spirit-filled singing and preaching will touch the lives of many and souls will be saved throughout the Scandinavian countries and other foreign lands.

Deborah has ministered in several countries including, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and France.

She is a Mother and happily married to her loving husband David Germos.